Faculty & Staff

Mr. Gary Schubert

Professor Gary Schubert is in his 23rd year at Alderson Broaddus University. As an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Art, he teaches many different courses in computer science, as well as art photography and digital arts courses. Gary came to AB from New York City where he worked for companies doing computer animation and multiplayer computer games among other things. He graduated from WVU with a bachelor’s degree in Pre-Med, a master’s degree in Computer Science, and a Master of Fine Arts Degree. He has worked as Systems Analyst for WVU and the Surgeon General of the Army, Assistant Director of the WVU Computer Center, and Director of Computing at AB University. He is a certified U.S. Small Boat Sailing Instructor, and teaches sailing in the summer.

Professor Schubert’s courses include: Computer Architecture and Assembler Programming, Operating Systems, Systems Programming, Data Communication, Network Security, Media Computation, Computational Thinking, Computer Graphics, Computer Forensics, Computers in Nursing, Photography and Digital Arts.