Faculty & Staff

Mrs. Carol Del Col

Mrs. Carol Del Col has been a faculty member at Alderson Broaddus University since 1981. An Associate Professor of Literature and Writing, she currently serves as Chair of the Division of the Humanities (since 1996), and Director of the Writing Lab (since 2007).

Prior to joining the faculty at AB, Mrs. Del Col served as a contributing editor and editorial assistant for Victorian Poetry at West Virginia University Department of English in Morgantown, WV.  She also taught English at Gilmer County High School in Glenville, WV.

Mrs. Del Col received both her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in English from West Virginia University (WVU).  She also completed post graduate studies in the College of Human Resources and Education and Department of Library Science at WVU.

Professor Del Col has published numerous book reviews and short stories, and received several awards, including the Faculty of the Year Award (2003) and Employee of the Month Award (October 2007) at Alderson Broaddus University

 Mrs. Del Col’s courses at AB have included:

English 180  Language Skills
English 190 Freshman Composition
English 200 Advanced Composition
English 225 Ethnic Literature of the United States
English 230 Creative Writing
English 240 Practicum in Publication of Creative Work
English 250 Advanced Grammar
English 282 Forms of Literature: Nonfiction Prose
English 283 Forms of Literature: Fiction
English 284 Forms of Literature: Poetry
English 290  Shakespeare
English 350 Early American Literature
English 355 Modern American Literature
English 375 British Literature Since 1785
English 410 Development of the English Language
English 465  Senior Seminar in Literature
Honors 200  Honors Seminar
Honors 400  Advanced Honors Seminar
Humanities 550  Senior Humanities Seminar