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Mrs. Valerie Minor

Mrs. Valerie Anne Evans Minor, R.N., is a tenured associate professor of nursing at Alderson Broaddus University.  She teaches Introduction to Nursing I & II (NURS 100 & 120) Community Nursing Leadership I & II (NURS 402 & 412), and Nursing Research I & II (NURS 451 & 452).

Mrs. Minor has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BSN) and a Master of Science degree in Nursing (MSN) from the West Virginia University School of Nursing. She earned a certificate as a Pediatric Nurse Associate from the WVU School of Nursing, and a Graduate Certificate in Gerontology from the WVU Gerontology Center. She came to AB as a part-time clinical instructor in 1983 and began teaching full-time in 1984, as well as becoming a full-time student in the master’s program at WVU.

After completing her MSN in 1986, she continued her formal education by earning 30 post-master’s credits in a broad range of topics that strengthen her practice in community-oriented, professional nursing. She is also a certified school nurse in the state of West Virginia. 

In 1998, Mrs. Minor co-founded the CARDIAC Project with Dr. William A. Neal, West Virginia University School of Medicine (pediatric cardiology), the first state-wide universal screening program for cardiovascular risk factors in 5th grade children, with the vision of providing service to the state as well as unique clinical opportunities for her nursing students. She remains the Associate Director of Surveillance for CARDIAC as a way to be actively involved in community service, sustain clinical experiences for health care students, and to keep her professional skills sharp.

In 1990 the Alderson Broaddus University Association of Women Students recognized Mrs. Minor as Woman of the Year. The WVU School of Medicine appointed her adjunct clinical instructor in 2007. 

Mrs. Minor and her husband actively support the religious and cultural life of Barbour County, and both enjoy outdoor activities such as windsurfing, tent-camping, hiking, and biking.