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"The West Virginians"

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 "The WVs" Application

The mission of “The West Virginians” is to function as a touring ensemble, chamber choir, and ministry team, representing Alderson Broaddus University through its performances in such a manner as to appropriately present the College as an independent institution of higher learning, dedicated to providing education of the highest quality, rooted in historic and continuing relationship with American Baptist Churches, USA and the West Virginia Baptist Convention.

Vocal Ability
Please prepare at least one pop or contemporary song with tape accompaniment or sheet music that demonstrates your vocal strengths. During your audition, you will be evaluated on tone quality, intonation, and musicality through the selections you perform and through various exercises and sight singing as requested by the director. Please choose selections that demonstrate your strengths as a singer/performer.

Instrumental Ability
If you are proficient on any instruments(s), you will need to demonstrate that ability at the time of your audition. Please prepare a piece or excerpt that shows your ability on ALL instruments you play. Sight reading may also be required. Instruments required are: Piano/keyboard, Bass guitar, Electric/Acoustic guitar, drum set.  Other instruments wanted include:  Trumpet, sax, trombone, other horns, strings and various folk instruments.

Stage Presence
You will be evaluated on your ability to perform and how you look on stage. You should also demonstrate your ability to relate to the audience and express the meaning of the music.

High moral and ethical character is required of “The West Virginians”, who serve as ambassadors for Alderson Broaddus University and the state of West Virginia. Letters of reference from persons qualified to assess your character (I.E. Pastors, Teachers) should be submitted to the director by the time of your audition. Your interview(s) with the director and/or other College personnel will also be used in assessing your character.

Other Important Qualifications Include:

Ability to get along with others
Ability to take directions
Ability to be a leader
Willingness to participate in Christian Ministry
Academic Ability

Your academic ability in terms of your grade point average and your SAT/ACT scores will be taken into consideration. Members of “The West Virginians” must maintain the grade point average specified in the contract while practicing as much as 8 hours a week and missing class periodically while on tour.

*You must meet all admission and academic requirements of Alderson Broaddus University.

*Bring letters of recommendation from your music teacher, adult friend, pastor, etc. which addresses the above four qualifications and your vocal/instrumental ability.

NOTE: You may audition by video tape if necessary; although preference will be given to those who audition in person on the AB campus or other audition sites.