Current Students


WQAB radio, 91.3 FM is the student-run station of Alderson Broaddus University. WQAB is a non-commercial, educational radio station whose main purpose is to provide students with hands-on experiences that help them learn how a radio station runs.

Students are professionally-trained on board operation, vocal techniques and program continuity. Students may earn class credit, do work study, obtain performance scholarships or volunteer to be a DJ. For the community, the 7200 watt station provides music (alternative rock n' roll and christian rock), interview/talk shows, public service announcements, and remote programming, such as Men's and Women's Battler Basketball. The station also runs specialty programming such as InFisherman Radio, which can be heard daily (M-F) at 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.  This three-minute program, produced by the Outdoor Channel, gives fishing tips from nationally-recognized fisherman.

The FCC-licensed station is run by students with a faculty advisor. In addition, community people occasionally get involved in broadcasting.  Anyone interested in joining the WQAB radio team can drop by the studio, located in Withers-Brandon Hall or call 304.457.6271.

Chief Engineer: George Sommer
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jim Wilkie


Mission and Goals

It is the mission of WQAB 91.3 FM radio to use the facilities of the station in the training of students in broadcasting, and/or promoting of educational and entertainment services to the campus, town of Philippi and other outlaying places within the broadcast range. In order to meet this mission, the goals of WQAB are:

A.     To provide instruction to student DJs in the techniques of professional broadcasting.

B.     To provide a wide variety of music formats, news and educational programming that appeals to a wide variety of listeners so that all feel included.

C.     To provide information to the community [Philippi and surrounding Barbour, Harrison and Randolph Counties), campus and the state of West Virginia in order to foster and maintain a community service sharing network for good town-gown relationships.

D.     To offer remote broadcasts and simulcasted webcasts on of important events like concerts, Relay for Life and Battler Basketball.

E.      To offer programming 24 hours/7 days a week when school is in session.

F.      To offer work study, performance scholarship, class credit and volunteer opportunities.

G.      To maintain and operate an EAS (Emergency Alert System) vehicle to inform the public of situations of natural or man-made nature.