Current Students

Outdoor Club

The Alderson Broaddus University Outdoor Club is a campus wide organization open to all students, faculty and staff. The Outdoor Club offers members opportunities to be mentally and physically invigorated and to enjoy healthful outdoor activities and camaraderie, while exploring and expanding their interests. Through participation in club activities, members also develop habits of life-long, healthy physical activity, learn to work together as a team, develop leadership skills, and visit areas of West Virginia and surrounding states that may be new to them. Activities and trips from the past year include white water rafting, skiing, hiking, caving, horseback riding, kayak pool sessions, nature study, and picnicking at local state parks. The club strives to offer one organized trip each month, as well as the option for informal outings as interest arises. Efforts are made to include a number of activities that are of modest cost, so that no members are excluded from participation.  Membership dues are currently $2.00/year.

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Dr. Igor Woiciechowski; phone 457-6254