Current Students

The Battler Columns, the student-run newspaper of Alderson Broaddus University, publishes 8 times per semester/16 times per year. Being a student-run publication, students, with guidance from a faculty advisor, write stories, make editorial decisions, do layout and design, take and crop photographs, and design advertisements. Students come form a wide variety of sources:

1.Students in classes, like Introduction to Journalism, are automatically placed on the staff;
2.Communication and English majors typically join the staff;
3.Volunteers do work for the paper becuase they like the "hustle and bustle" of reporting;
4.Performance scholarships in writing and design are available; and
5.Work study positions are available.
By running the paper, students learn valuable lessons about the newspaper industry.

Last year, The Battler Columns won second place in the small college division of the American Scholastic Press Association Review and Contest.  AB competed with small colleges across the country with enrollments of 500-1,000 for the award in overall design and layout.

We are a full service paper. Therefore, if you have copy to send or would like to advertise, please contact advisor Dr. Jim Wilkie, Ph. 304.457.6271.

Caption: Former Assistant Editor Melissa Riffle lays out an issue on the software program, Quark. The paper is paginated electronically, is burned on a CD, and is printed at The InterMountain in Elkins, WV.

Mission and Goals

It is the mission of The Battler Columns, the student run newspaper of AB University, to further advance the freedom of social expression.  That’s in the journalist, the reader, and democratic society in general.  In so doing, the following are goals of the media publication:

·         To have as a forum for students to learn and practice journalistic writing.  In addition, it’s a goal of the newspaper staff and faculty to teach interviewing, reporting, and editing skills.

·         To have the newspaper as an avenue for readers to learn about campus, regional (Philippi and Barbour Co.), state, and national news.

·         To allow students, faculty, and staff the chance to air a free exchange of ideas in the form of letters to the editor and editorials in an open forum.

·         To report and participate in community service events such as Relay for Life.

·         To allow students, faculty, and staff a way to work together outside of the classroom.