Athletic Training Department Receives New Rehab Equipment

PHILIPPI- The Alderson Broaddus University Athletic Training Department has received new equipment that will aid in the rehabilitation and testing of student athletes.  Funding for the HUMAC NORM Testing and Rehabilitation System came from a $35,000 grant from the Dr. Scholl Foundation.

"This piece of equipment helps our athletic training students who will benefit from the knowledge of being trained on how to use this device, but also in the care that will be provided through strength testing and rehabilitating our student athletes," explained Eric Shor, assistant professor of athletic training and chair of the Athletic Training Department.

The HUMAC NORM Testing and Rehabilitation System offers 22 isolated-joint patterns, four resistance modes, and numerous reports to meet the measurement and exercise needs of the Athletic Training Department.

The Athletic Training Education Program will be using the HUMAC NORM to gain experience in working with this type of equipment which is frequently found in clinic and research settings.  Student athletes who have sustained sports injuries will also benefit from the HUMAC NORM because of the rehabilitation services it provides.  In addition to its rehab assistance, healthy athletes can use it to test their strength prior to the start of a sports season.

"We are very grateful to the Dr. Scholl Foundation for their generosity in assisting the Alderson Broaddus University Department of Athletic Training in fulfilling our mission to become a leader in Athletic Training education in the state of West Virginia," said Shor.

Caption:  Faculty members of the AB University Athletic Training Department, from left, Eric Shor, Sarah Weaver, and Mike Boehke, assist a student on the HUMAC NORM machine.