PHILIPPI, W.V. – Alderson Broaddus University is pleased to announce its third place ranking in the state of West Virginia as published on’s annual guide. The West Virginia rankings can be found at: .

School officials are excited to be listed in the top three.

“We are at the beginning of an exciting transformation at Alderson Broaddus University and we hope to attract qualified students to our campus, creating a more vibrant atmosphere in the next few years,” said AB President Rick Creehan. “We thank for recognizing the efforts of our faculty in giving our students a premier education.”, the leading website for college and university information, has issued the updated rankings for the Top 2,000 colleges and universities in the United States and released its 3rd annual college ranking. The complete list is available on's website at

The ranking is based on statistical analysis and comparison of student/faculty ratio, student retention, test scores and other critical factors. The website also provides Top 500 ranking lists on data points including faculty salaries, SAT scores, student debt, top schools by state, best-ranked public state universities, best private colleges and universities, top-ranked community colleges, top vocational, technical and career colleges, and many other criteria.

A key distinction between and other college ranking organizations is that the system is based purely on a mathematical comparison of key statistics. Many other popular college-ranking lists utilize peer review feedback, wherein colleges rate other colleges. Some critics have argued that peer review rankings may be subjective and perhaps even biased. The college rankings, first released in 2009, were designed to compare raw statistical data, without peer ratings or subjective adjustment such as the school's prestige/brand influencing the list.