AB Student Takes Prize in Morgantown Poets Poetry Contest

Philippi, WV - This past June one of Alderson Broaddus University’s students received an award in the first Morgantown Poets Poetry Contest. Senior English major Allison Pugh says she felt a sense of accomplishment after her poem “Threadbare Willow” won second prize in this competition.

Her poem is a lipogram, which is a poem that omits one letter. Her poem completely excluded the letter “s.” The contest submission fee was only five dollars; and for placing second she received fifty dollars in prize money. She was also invited to read her poem at the Monongalia Arts Center. In addition, Pugh received second prize for another poem in the InFlux 2010 writing competition at Alderson Broaddus University, and she is the current editor for Influx. As a result of her experiences, she now encourages fellow students to enter their own works in competitions.

Another writing contest winner from Alderson Broaddus University is Dr. Sandra Vrana, professor of literature and writing, who also encourages students to enter their works in contests. She says that the deadlines help push writers to polish their work in a timely fashion. Dr. Vrana herself has won several awards for her writing, including a first prize for her short story entitled “Dressing Up,” and a second prize for her children’s story “What Happens to the Light?” This children’s story was published in the book ¬Seeking the Swan and is one of the several works she has had published.

Dr. Jeffrey Del Col, literature and writing professor, and Carol Del Col, associate professor of literature and writing, are also among those at Alderson Broaddus University who have received awards for their writing. In the West Virginia Writer’s Annual Writing Competition, Dr. Jeffrey Del Col placed second several years ago in the short story category.  And last year Carol Del Col won second prize in the West Virginia Writer’s Annual Writing Competition, long poem category. This summer her story “Black Walnut” placed in the top ten finalists of the West Virginia Fiction Contest, and she has had four other stories published.

As a part of their program of study, students in the English major at Alderson Broaddus publish a literary magazine each year, Influx. The student editorial board also sponsors an annual writing contest for current AB students. For more information about the English major and the creative writing program at Alderson Broaddus, contact Professor Carol Del Col at 304-457-6301.