Alderson Broaddus students to showcase their musical talents

PHILIPPI, WV- Alderson Broaddus University is excited to announce the members of the 2011-2012 West Virginians musical performing group.

This year’s performs include seniors Johanna Greber, a Music Education Major from Cumberland, MD; Derek Jones, a Musical Arts Major from Petersburg, WV; and Hannah Dixon, a Family Studies Major from Independence, WV.

This year’s juniors include: Denver Gaydon, a Music Education Major from Martinsburg, WV; and Kriston VanHorn, a double major in Family Studies and Psychology from Ravens Wood, WV.

Sophomores include:  Jordan Williams, a Musical Arts Major from Vienna, WV; Alecia Bender, a Nursing Major from  Accident, MD; Isaac Mei, a Communications Major from Morgantown, WV; and Eric Messick, a double Major in Musical Arts and Psychology from Midland, VA. 

The West Virginians were proud to admit three freshmen into their prestigious group; these students include Kyler Bandy, a Musical Arts Major from Williamstown, WV; Francesca Molinaro, a Music Education Major from Vanderbilt, PA; and Timothy Tosh, an Applied Music Major from Sterling, VA.

The West Virginians are set to begin their official touring season as of Sunday, October 2 at 10:45 am at the First Baptist Church of Grafton, WV. They will also be performing at the Picnic in the Park event on September 22, 2011 at 4:15 P.M. on the Barbour County Court House lawn.

For information about scheduling the West Virginians to perform at your event, please contact Emily J. Rosier, music schedule coordinator, at 304-457-6231 or via e-mail at .

In photo: Top Row L to R: Kyler Bandy, Timothy Tosh, Johanna Greber, Eric Messick,
Hannah Dixon, Denver Gaydon Bottom Row L to R:Jordan Williams, Kriston VanHorn, Derek Jones, Alecia
Bender, Isaac Mei, Francesca Molinaro