Course #Credit HoursCourse Name
_____BIOL 2104General Biology I
_____BIOL 2124Botany
_____BUSI 1603Introduction to Management
_____ECON 2113Microeconomics
_____ENVS 2104Introduction to Environmental Science*
_____ENVS 3403Environmental Policy & Regulation*
_____ENVS 3564Introduction to GIS*
_____ENVS 4204Wetlands Ecology & Regulations
_____GEOL 1904Introduction to Geology
_____MATH 1413Trigonometry*
_____MATH 2613Statistics for Biologists
_____NARM 4404Forest Ecology and Management
_____NARM 4754Wildlife Ecology and Management
Choose One Chemistry Option:
_____CHEM 1904Introduction to Chemistry
_____CHEM 2104General Chemistry II
Choose One Environmental Science Option:
_____ENVS 3503Applied Environmental Regulation
_____ENVS 4303Environmental Risk Analysis
_____ENVS 4303Environmental Risk Analysis
Choose Two Business Options:
_____BUSI 1403Introduction to Accounting I
_____BUSI 2353Human Resource Management
_____BUSI 2753Operation Management
Choose One Capstone Option:
_____BUSI 5003Business Internship
OR the NSCI Sequence Below:
_____NSCI 3611Research Methods I
_____NSCI 3621Research Methods II
_____NSCI 4611Senior Research Project
Water Resources: Select 3 Courses
_____BIOL 3604Ecology
_____BIOL 3804Aquatic Entomology
_____BIOL 4104Limnology
_____ENVS 3353Watershed Hydrology
_____GEOL 3503Hydrogeolgoy
_____NARM 3903-4Special Topics**
Wildlife Resources: Select 3 Courses
_____BIOL 2114General Biology II
_____BIOL 3554Mammalogy
_____BIOL 3604Ecology
_____BIOL 3753Conservation Biology
_____BIOL 3824Entomology
_____BIOL 4554Ornithology
_____BIOL 4824Herpetology
_____NARM 3903-4Special Topics**
General: Select 2 Courses from either of the above CONCENTRATIONS, Plus
_____PHYS 2114Introduction to Physics