Must I wear regalia at the graduation ceremony?
Yes.  Academic regalia is required for participation in all AB Commencement and baccalaureate ceremonies. We want Baccalaureate and Commencement to be the truly impressive occasions they should be.  This can only be accomplished if each participant makes every effort to fit his/her appearance and behavior to the occasion.  

Where can I order regalia?
Official AB regalia are available at the AB Bookstore location.  Cap and Gown orders are due in to the Alderson Broaddus University Bookstore by March 7, 2014.  

Please contact Ed Burda in the bookstore, by phone at 304-457-6238 or by e-mail  Please note that AB graduates wear a customized blue gown with an AB logo. The purchase price of the cap and gown is included in your graduation fee.  

When will regalia be available for pick up?
Academic regalia can be picked up during the Graduate Fair on April 16, 2014 or from the Bookstore after that date until May 1st.

What is academic regalia?
An academic robe is worn over regular clothes (except that in warm weather men who have gowns of a style that close in front may remove their coats).  Men should wear dark suits, white shirts with four-in-hand ties (never bow ties).  Both men and women should wear dark shoes.  No gum chewing, please.

A cap is an essential part of an academic costume and should be worn with the gown at all times.  Men should remove their caps during the singing of the national anthem or alma mater and during prayers.  At other times, follow the President of the College.  The cap should be worn straight on the head, pulled well down over the forehead.  Tassels should be worn over the left edge of the mortarboard, for all persons except graduating seniors.  They should wear tassels over the right edge until after the appropriate point late in the ceremony.  Degree hoods should be checked to be sure they hang properly.

What color tassel do I wear with my gown and on what side should it be worn?
Please refer to the guide at the bottom of this page for the correct color selection of tassels. If your specific major is not listed, staff at the AB Bookstore can assist you.  Tassels should be worn over the right edge of the mortarboard until after the appropriate point in the ceremony.  Only those who have earned an undergraduate degree may wear the tassel over the left edge of the mortarboard.

Can I wear honor cords, stoles, medallions, etc.?
Graduates are permitted to wear honor or organizational cords, pins, or stoles in conjunction with the graduation gown; however, please be mindful of the solemnity of the baccalaureate and commencement ceremonies and limit the adornments to one item only, selected by the graduate (e.g., stoles which represent the graduates country of origin [international students]; Silver Key honor cords; organization cords from organizations such as Sigma Alpha Iota, etc; nursing or education pins).  Also, the practice of personalized messages on the graduation cap is discouraged.  Your cooperation in adhering to this practice as described above is appreciated.

What if I am receiving more than one degree?
If you are a double major, you may wear the tassel color of the degrees you are receiving.

What attire should I wear beneath my gown?
Dark trousers, slacks, skirts, and dresses are appropriate, as are dress shirts and ties.  Comfortable shoes are highly recommended!  Temperatures in the venues can fluctuate.  Although sweaters and jackets are not suggested underneath gowns because of their bulk, dressing in thin layers may be helpful.

Tassel Color Guide
Regalia worn by the graduates include different colored tassels.  The designated color for each major is provided by the American Council on Education Academic Costumes and Ceremonies Committee
The following is a list of the colors and majors:

WHITE:    creative writing, general studies, history, family studies
GOLD:    biology, computing, chemistry, psychology, natural science, radiography, mathematics, enviro. science
LIGHT BLUE:    elementary education, secondary education
BROWN:    visual arts
GREEN:    physician assistant studies, health science
DRAB:    accounting, business administration, marketing
PINK:    applied music, music education, musical arts
APRICOT:    nursing
SILVER/GRAY:   communications
SAGE GREEN:    physical education, recreational sports management, therapeutic recreation, athletic training
SCARLET:    Christian studies
CITRON:    political science
BLUE:    criminal justice