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Xander Younce

Phone: 304-457-6315

Email: younceap@ab.edu

Facebook name: Xander ABcollege

Twitter handle: XanderABCollege

Hometown, State: Westland, MI

Graduated from: Adrian College

Year Graduated: 2008

Degree(s): Bachelor's of Business Administration - Marketing

My favorite thing about AB: The excitement around campus and the direction that we are headed.  There are unbelievable changes being made each and every day here that will benefit both current and future students.

Fun facts: I am a sports fanatic and love competition of any kind, whether it's golfing or playing checkers!  I'm a big fan of music, and my collection differs from both ends of the spectrum, a grab bag of sorts.  Comedies and action/thriller movies are where it's at.  I'm always in for a good laugh or a movie full of action.