Students may earn up to $1,500 a year ($750 a semester) for federal/college work program.  This equates to 85.7 hours per semester (6-7 hours per week) Work Study Program awards will be made based on the information the student and/or parent provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the date the FAFSA was filed.

After the Financial Aid Office determines the student is eligible for Work Study, the student will need to accept their award.  Once the student accepts their award, they will be emailed a Student Employment Authorization (SEA) Form. If a student chooses not to participate in the Work Study Program they must notify the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible.

All paperwork (SEA, tax forms, ID requirements) must be recieved no later than the deadline of September 6, 2017, or Work Study will be removed from the students financial aid for both semesters of the award year.  No Exceptions!  Reminder emails will be sent to the student’s Battler email account.

The student has the option of working only fall or only spring or both semesters, but still must have all paperwork in by the deadline.

You will not see Work Study on a student’s bill until the student earns the money and applies it to their student account. If the student chooses to receive the money earned as a paycheck, their paycheck will be in their campus box on payday.

All students who have been awarded Work Study Program, as part of their financial aid award for the 2017-18 academic year, will be eligible to work on or off campus.

Here’s what you need to do to get started:

  1. Student Employment Handbook:Read the handbook – located on under Financial Aid. Reading the handbook is mandatory as you will find the important information you need regarding work study.
  2. Withholding Forms and Identification Documents:Complete the required federal and state forms and Section 1 of the I-9 Form. These forms are to be turned in to the Payroll Clerk on the 2nd floor of Burbick Hall. In addition to completing these forms, you must also provide the required document(s) for your I-9 form.
  3. Find a job:If you are able to attend, ABU holds a Job Fair. For the dates and time, contact the Work Study Coordinator at (304) 457-6354. If not – you may search for jobs in the Job Book on under Financial Aid- Work Program. You need to speak directly with the supervisor of the job you are interested in… discuss duties, scheduling, etc. to determine if it is a job you want and what is the process to being offered a job with that supervisor.
  4. Student Employment Authorization (SEA) Form:Do NOT complete your SEA until you have secured a job. Please follow instructions on the SEA! Have your supervisor keep one copy and you return the other copy to the Financial Aid Office on Ground Floor of Burbick Hall.


When can I begin working?

You may begin working on the first day of classes, but only IF all of the above steps are fully completed and you have been entered in the time clock. Your supervisor will be able to see your name in the Time Clock if you are cleared to begin working.

How do I know if I am in the time clock?

It’s simple, if you have completed all of the steps – you will be able to punch in to begin working. If you try to punch in and are not able to – DO NOT WORK – contact your supervisor as something is missing in your work study packet and you are not yet eligible. If you work before you are eligible to do so, you cannot get paid!

How do I get paid?

You will receive a paycheck which will be delivered to your campus mailbox on payday. The pay schedule is located on the right hand side of this page.   If you want your work study to go toward your student bill instead of receiving a paycheck, you will need to sign a form in the Business Office on the 2nd floor of Burbick Hall.

Contact information:

Krista Tallman

Financial Aid Counselor
Alderson Broaddus University
Financial Aid Office
Ground Floor – Burbick Hall
(304) 457-6354

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