Complete the Alderson Broaddus Application for Admission. Scholarship and financial aid awards are made after the student has been officially accepted to the university and ABU receives your FAFSA.

  • FAFSA opens for submission on October 1st
  • Complete your FAFSA online at
  • List ABU as a school of choice (Code 003806) so that ABU will receive your FAFSA
  • Be sure to read each section carefully, sign electronically* and submit FAFSA

*To sign your FAFSA, you will need a FSA ID. If you are a dependent student, then your parent will also need a FSA ID.  Not sure if you are considered a dependent student for the FAFSA?  Go to to find out.


  • Go to to create or edit your FSA ID
  • WRITE IT DOWN!! Keep record of your FSA ID, Password, Email Address and Security Questions. You and your parent will need this every year to complete your FAFSA, apply for federal student loans and to perform other important activities for federal student aid
  • You and your parent must have different FSA IDs
  • You must create your own FSA ID – it’s your electronic signature and you need to own it
  • Your parent must create his or her own FSA ID

You and your parent should each use your own email address when creating your FSA ID (you can’t use/share the same email address)

  • The federal processor will e-mail you a Student Aid Report if you listed an e-mail address on the FAFSA, or mail you a Student Aid Report (SAR) if you did not list an e-mail address on the FAFSA and send an electronic copy to us if our school code is on the FAFSA.
  • Look over the SAR to make sure the information is correct. If it is, do nothing. If it is not, correct it, sign it, and resubmit to the federal processor.
  • Sometimes the federal processor will reject a FAFSA, usually because of insufficient information. Again, if it is not, correct it via the internet or by paper and return to the federal processor.
  • Whether your FAFSA is processed and complete or it has been rejected, you will hear from us within two weeks of our receiving the electronic SAR if you have been accepted to the college.
  • West Virginia residents please remember that the FAFSA deadline for consideration for the West Virginia Higher Education Grant is March 1.
  • For first-time students the deadline for the Common Application and the FAFSA for the Promise Scholarship is March 1.
  • You can fill out the Common Application on-line at
  • Once we have a valid SAR, we might ask you to verify the information. Accuracy is an important part of the financial aid process and we are sometimes required to verify the information you provided on the FAFSA.
  • We will send you a letter and a verification worksheet, which you must complete and send back to us.
  • After you submit your data, we will check to make sure your FAFSA was completed accurately. Once we receive your data, it takes 1-2 weeks to process.

As a result of verification, one of two things should happen:

  1. Your processing is completed and your award does not change. Or,
  2. We make corrections to your SAR because of discrepancies found during verification. These would be discrepancies between the most recent FAFSA you filed and the verification information you have provided to us. Corrections to the SAR generally take an additional 1-2 weeks to process. When the correction process is completed, we will send you an updated award letter.
  • Award Letter: Once a student has been accepted to the college and a SAR is received, the financial aid office will send a financial aid award letter to the student listing all federal, state, and institutional financial aid that the student qualifies for. Enrolled students receive their award letter electronically through the college e-mail system. New students receive their award letter by paper. On the back of the paper award letter is an explanation of the different types of financial aid programs. There will be 2 copies of the award letter. The student should make any adjustments to the financial aid award, sign it, and submit it to the financial aid office. The second copy is for the student to keep.
  • Pell Grant: The amount of your annual award will be posted by semester on your award letter. We assume a student will be full-time; if a student registers for less than 12 credit hours in a semester, please contact the financial aid office. Your Pell Grant and other aid will adjusted.
  • Stafford Loan: You must accept your loans on your award letter as well as complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN) with Direct Loans. Be sure to read the Stafford Loan Rights and Responsibilities. First-time borrowers of Stafford loans will also be required to complete an entrance interview.
  • PLUS Loan: The same information regarding the Stafford Loan applies to the PLUS Loan, except that your parent will need to complete a credit check and the parent promissory note.
  • Pell Grant monies will be deposited into your AB student account a semester at a time and will go toward your direct costs. If you have excess money, you will receive that in a refund through the Business Office.
  • Stafford Loan proceeds will be deposited into your AB student account and will go toward your direct costs. You will receive any excess money in a refund through the Business Office. If however, a problem has prevented your Stafford monies from being deposited into your account (i.e., you haven’t completed entrance counseling or promissory notes, you have not signed an award letter accepting the Stafford loans, or have not completed verification, etc.), any excess funds will not be refunded. It takes at least 2 weeks from the time your financial aid is completed for funds to come to the college.
  • PLUS Loan funds will be deposited into your AB student account once a master promissory note is approved by the lender and the funds are received by the college.
  • Outside scholarships and alternative loans that a student receives from outside the college are posted on a student’s award letter once the Business Office has received the money.
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