Alderson Broaddus University is affordable.

The Financial Aid Office at Alderson Broaddus University realizes each student’s financial situation and resources are unique. We make every effort to help students afford a quality education at ABU.  In fact, 98% of our students receive some form of financial aid.

Financial aid funds assist our students in helping to fill the gap between the cost of attending ABU and the amount students and their families can afford to pay. These funds may be comprised of grants and scholarships, work opportunities and low-interest student loans.

Financial Aid Office Staff

Lora Bryant
Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Amy King, M.A.
Director of Financial Aid

Kelly Shiflett
Financial Aid Counselor/Verification Specialist

Krista Tallman
Financial Aid Counselor/Work Study Coordinator

Sondra Guire
Office Manager

Office Hours:  Monday – Friday 9am- 4pm

Phone: (304) 457-6354

Fax: (304) 457-6391


How FAO Communicates with Students

Your Battler email is the primary means of communication between FAO and the student.  It is the student’s responsibility to monitor email notifications from the FAO as well as other university offices.  Failure to read and respond to email communications from the FAO may result in delay or cancellation of financial aid awards.

For current students, financial aid award notifications are made via the Battler email.  Students will be instructed to go to the Battler Portal at to view and accept their financial aid package or revisions.

FAO also utilizes the Heads Up app as well as our Facebook page – ABU Financial Aid – for announcements and reminders. However, communication regarding your specific financial aid award will be via your Battler email.

Financial Aid Office Mission Statement

The Financial Aid Office at Alderson Broaddus University is comprised of a team of dedicated professionals committed to providing a superior level of service in assisting students reach their educational goals by eliminating or reducing their financial burden. While providing students with as many financial aid opportunities as possible, this office fulfills its fiduciary obligation to be good stewards of federal, state, private and institutional funds.

Financial Aid Office Vision Statement

To prepare Alderson Broaddus University students to become responsible, participating citizens and leaders by reaching their fullest potential.

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