Faculty & Staff

Mr. Michael Boehke

Mr. Michael Boehke is a tenured faculty member at Alderson Broaddus University and holds the rank of Associate Professor of Athletic Training and Chair of the School of Athletic Training.  Mr. Boehke has taught in the Athletic Training Education Department at AB since 1999 and was promoted to Program Director in 2012.

Boehke earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training in 1997 from Waynesburg College in Waynesburg, PA.  In 1999, he earned a Master’s Degree in Athletic Training from California University of Pennsylvania.  Mr. Boehke is currently enrolled in the Doctorate of Higher Education Administration program at West Virginia University.

Mr. Boehke’s courses include:  Orthopedic Evaluation of the Lower Extremity (ATHL 250), Orthopedic Evaluation of the Upper Extremity (ATHL 260), Athletic Taping and Bracing (ATHL 150), Therapeutic Modalities (ATHL 340), Rehabilitation in Athletic Training (ATHL 370), Research in Athletic Training
(ATHL 401), Administration in Athletic Training (ATHL 405), and Kinesiology/Biomechanics (PHED 305).