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Work Program

Student Employment Handbook  I  14-15 Summer Job Book

Students may earn up to $1,500 a year ($750 a semester) for federal/college work program. Work program is awarded based upon when the financial aid office received a student's completed FAFSA form. Once all the work program positions have been awarded, students are then placed on a wait list and will be awarded work program when positions become available during the fall/spring semester.

Student are not eligible to work until they have been awarded work program by the Financial Aid Office and returned a signed Student Employment Authorization form to the Financial Aid Office. 

Work program is not credited to a student's account until the student earns the money. You will not see work program on a student's bill until the student earns the money and applies it to their student account.

All students who have been awarded Work Program, as part of their financial aid award for the 20012-2013 academic year, will be eligible to work on or off campus.  Here is what you need to do in order to find a job under the Work Program at Alderson Broaddus University.

Step-by-Step Procedures for Students

1. Review your employment packet.  All eligible students will receive a packet during fall orientation/registration.  The packet will include:

*This information sheet highlighting important employment procedures;
*Student Employment Authorization Form;
*Schedule of when timecards/sheets are due and payday date.
*Federal and state withholding forms. 

2.  Read the Student Employment Handbook. The Student Employment Handbook is located here. It is very important that you know the policies and procedures for the Work Program. Failure to follow the policies and procedures may result in termination from the Work Program or loss of pay.

3. Complete the required federal and state withholding forms.  Students who are in the Work Program at Alderson Broaddus University for the first time must complete withholding forms in the Business Office prior to beginning the Work Program.

4. Review the Job Book. The Job Book, located under "Work Program" on Alderson Broaddus University's ANGEL home page, has a listing of all possible job openings both on and off campus as well as the contact person for that position within a department.  The Job Book does not become available until fall orientation.

5. Select a possible job opening from the Job Book.  You may select more than one in the event that you are not hired for your first choice.

6. Set up an interview with the contact person in the department you have selected.

7. Interview for the job.  If you are not hired, retain your Authorization Form and take it to your next job interview.

8. Contact person completes Student Employment Authorization Form.  If you are hired, the contact person who interviewed you will complete the Authorization Form and return it to the Financial Aid Office.

9. Set up a work schedule and discuss procedures with the department.  Your work schedule will be based on your class schedule and the department's needs.  Most departments are very flexible.  They will also inform you of the timekeeping procedures.

10. Get paid!  All students must check with their supervisor to determine what each department's policy is regarding procedures for turning in timecards/sheets to the Business Office.  Students will receive a schedule of when timecards/sheets are due in the Business Office and when you will be paid.  Paychecks will be placed in the student's campus mailbox by 9:00 a.m. on payday.

*Remember each department has a certain number of students who may work in a department.