AB University Student Alumni Association (SAA)

The Alderson Broaddus University Student Alumni Association (SAA) is an organization with the sole purpose of creating stronger relationships between current students and AB University Alumni.

Following are the components of its mission:

  • Encourage the growth of school spirit, traditions, and history throughout the Alderson Broaddus University community.
  • Develop opportunities to create better relationships between the current students and alumni of Alderson Broaddus University.
  • Produce a positive atmosphere and an enduring bond between students and the College.
  • Serve and assist the College in all feasible ways.

For more information about the SAA, please feel free to email the Office of Alumni Relations.

The SAA is fully and solely responsible to the Office of Alumni Relations at Alderson Broaddus University.

Alpha Beta Nu

Alpha Betta Nu is a student nursing organization to bring Alderson Broaddus nursing students together to provide support, education, and to bring the name of AB nursing to the community though promoting and improving the health of all.

For more information, please contact the Nursing Department at (304) 457-6285.

Baptist Campus Ministries

Baptist Campus Ministries (BCM) provides opportunities for worship and fellowship though service and ministry; guide students in Christian growth and discipleship, and involvement in responsible church membership. Everyone is welcome to join! BCM meets weekly for praise and worship.

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Koreen Villers

The Battler Columns

The Battler Columns, the student-run newspaper of Alderson Broaddus University, publishes 8 times per semester/16 times per year. Being a student-run publication, students, with guidance from a faculty advisor, write stories, make editorial decisions, do layout and design, take and crop photographs, and design advertisements. Students come form a wide variety of sources:

  1. Students in classes, like Introduction to Journalism, are automatically placed on the staff;
  2. Communication and English majors typically join the staff;
  3. Volunteers do work for the paper becuase they like the “hustle and bustle” of reporting;
  4. Performance scholarships in writing and design are available; and
  5. Work study positions are available.

By running the paper, students learn valuable lessons about the newspaper industry.

Last year, The Battler Columns won second place in the small college division of the American Scholastic Press Association Review and Contest.  AB competed with small colleges across the country with enrollments of 500-1,000 for the award in overall design and layout.

Mission and Goals

It is the mission of The Battler Columns, the student run newspaper of AB University, to further advance the freedom of social expression.  That’s in the journalist, the reader, and democratic society in general.  In so doing, the following are goals of the media publication:

  • To have as a forum for students to learn and practice journalistic writing.  In addition, it’s a goal of the newspaper staff and faculty to teach interviewing, reporting, and editing skills.
  • To have the newspaper as an avenue for readers to learn about campus, regional (Philippi and Barbour Co.), state, and national news.
  • To allow students, faculty, and staff the chance to air a free exchange of ideas in the form of letters to the editor and editorials in an open forum.
  • To report and participate in community service events such as Relay for Life.
  • To allow students, faculty, and staff a way to work together outside of the classroom.

Campus Activities Board

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is involved with the planning of student activities on campus.  CAB administers its programs through such committees as Concert, Dance, Movie, Publicity, Special Events, and Survey Committees.  CAB is funded by the Student Government Association and all students are encouraged to participate on CAB and its committees.

Faculty/Staff Advisor:
Koreen Villers
(304) 457-6348

College Players

The College Players is a campus wide organization which produces two or three full-length plays annually.  Outstanding classics as well as recent Broadway successes are presented.  Student casts and crews are under faculty direction.  Participation is open to all students, either as performers or as members of a technical crew.  All full-time College players may become eligible for membership in Alpha Psi Omega, a national theater honorary society.

Faculty/Staff Advisor:
Kim Wilkie
(304) 457-6294

Council for Exceptional Children

The worldwide mission of “The Council for Exceptional Children” is to improve educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities.  The main goal for our CEC organization at Alderson Broaddus University is to support the Barbour County Special Olympics held annually on our campus in the spring.  We raise monies to help with this event.  We also help recruit student volunteers to run events, etc. at the Olympics.  We also help plan the opening and closing ceremonies.

Faculty/Staff Advisor:
Margie Gault
(304) 457-6241


The purpose of Enactus is to encourage the involvement of students in the study of business and associated enterprises.  To regulate, promote and create interest in all areas of student life and to achieve a high degree of cooperation among faculty, administration, students and society.

Faculty/Staff Advisor:
Kelli Andrew
(304) 457-6358

Hu C. Myers Society

The Hu C. Myers Society is the student physician assistant professional organization.  Named after the program founder, Dr. Hu C. Myers, the society provides educational, professional and social services to its members and students in the physician assistant program.  It is an affiliate of, and has representation in, the West Virginia Association of Physician Assistants (WVAPA) and the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA).   Membership is open to all physician assistant students.

Faculty/Staff Advisor:
Mike Holt
(304) 457-6290

Kappa Xi Omega

Kappa Xi Omega is a Greek Organization started on campus in 2008. A service fraternity, Kappy Xi Omega seeks to help out not only the campus but also the community. We seek to unify Greek life on campus as well as provide fundraisers that include students and community members. We are the fraternity in blue, so if you have questions, come find us and ask!

Lambda Sigma Phi

One of AB’s Greek organizations, the purpose of Lambda Sigma Phi is:

  • To promote friendship, to encourage association among various majors and to establish a group to participate in campus functions.
  • To provide social activities for the whole campus community as well as among the members.
  • To promote scholarship among our members by emphasizing academics as a top priority.
  • To uphold the policies of Alderson Broaddus University.
  • To show interest in the college and community by performing at least two service projects each semester.

Faculty/Staff Advisor:
Amanda Jones
(304) 457-6236

Mission Team

The AB University Mission Team seeks to provide opportunities to engage students in cross cultural mission.  At present, we work in partnership with PROVADENIC (Managua, Nicaragua), UrbanPromise (Camden, NJ), and the ABMen of WV Disaster Relief Team.  For most of the participating students, these mission trips become life-changing experiences.

Faculty/Staff Advisor:
Jim Stinespring
(304) 457-6243

Music Ensembles

Your extensive music-making opportunities at Alderson Broaddus University will be one of the highlights of your collegiate experience — for music majors and non-majors alike.  You will participate in outstanding ensembles and find yourself busy touring in other states (and sometimes in other countries!)  Attendance at many recitals and concerts ensures that you hear great performances live.

To schedule an Alderson Broaddus University Music Ensemble for a performance, please call the Coordinator of Music Scheduling at the School of Music  Office (304) 457-6200.

Click here for more information about the various ensembles.

Outdoor Club

The Alderson Broaddus University Outdoor Club is a campus wide organization open to all students, faculty and staff. The Outdoor Club offers members opportunities to be mentally and physically invigorated and to enjoy healthful outdoor activities and camaraderie, while exploring and expanding their interests. Through participation in club activities, members also develop habits of life-long, healthy physical activity, learn to work together as a team, develop leadership skills, and visit areas of West Virginia and surrounding states that may be new to them. Activities and trips from the past year include white water rafting, skiing, hiking, caving, horseback riding, kayak pool sessions, nature study, and picnicking at local state parks. The club strives to offer one organized trip each month, as well as the option for informal outings as interest arises. Efforts are made to include a number of activities that are of modest cost, so that no members are excluded from participation.  Membership dues are currently $2.00/year.

Faculty/Staff Advisor:
Dr. Igor Woiciechowski
(304) 457-6254

Phi Kappa Delta

This AB Greek organization was founded in 1962 with the chartered purpose to:

  • Create through service a sense of responsibility.
  • Encourage academic achievement.
  • Provide an opportunity for leadership
  • Promote an integrated fellowship.
  • Stimulate social activities.

Faculty/Staff Advisor:
Annette Fetty
(304) 457-6322

Sigma Alpha Iota

The purpose of AB’s chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota (SAI), a national organization, is to organize a group of women who have a desire and appreciation for musical growth, to increase the interest in the art of music throughout the campus and community, to support the music department in its endeavors, to encourage academic integrity from its members, and to give back to the community and campus with service and monetary contributions.

Student American Choral Directors Association

The Alderson Broaddus University Student Chapter of the American Choral Directors Association is a group of students who have a interest in furthering their education as a choral singer and/or a future conductor.  Students work to provide assistance to the AB choral program as well as choral music in the state, region and United States.  Students in the AB chapter of ACDA often attend national and regional conventions and sponsored workshops.

Student Athletic Advisory Committee

The student-athlete advisory committee (SAAC) is made up of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on the student-athlete experience.  The SAAC also offers input on the rules, regulations, and policies that affect student-athletes lives on NCAA member institution campuses.

The following five points reflect the primary purposes of SAAC:

  • Generate a student-athlete voice within the institution,
  • Solicit student-athlete response to proposed NCAA legislation,
  • Suggest potential NCAA legislation,
  • Organize community service efforts, and
  • Create a vehicle for student-athlete representation on campus-wide or conference-wide (WVIAC) committees.

Faculty/Staff Advisor:
Josh Allen
(304) 457-6332

Student Education Association

The Student Education Association is a student affiliate organization of the professional associations:  West Virginia Education Association (WVEA) and the National Education Association (NEA).  Students who are members gain benefits of membership to the national organization, including liability insurance and opportunities for professional development activities such as conferences, workshops and speakers.

Our students hold a monthly meeting, usually with a guest workshop leader or speaker, or a meeting to prepare for a service activity.  Service activities include projects to work with area schools, Special Olympics, and hold the Christmas party for faculty-staff children.  They plan and manage our annual Education Day, a full day of professional development workshops for all education majors.

Student Government Association

SGA is the main source of input for students’ ideas and opinions.  Four officers, elected during the Spring semester, make up the executive Council.  They are the leaders of the Senate.  The Senators are also elected and serve as representatives of the students, making recommendations to the various faculty and administrative committees of the college.  (Freshmen representatives are elected in the Fall Semester.)  The Senate oversees student activities and is responsible for compiling the budget for these events and submitting it to the college for final approval.  This budget provides for such items as social  programs, student publications, the radio station, campus movies, dances, and concerts.

Student Music Educators Conference

Student Music Educators National Conference (SMENC) is the student version of the professional organization for music educators nationwide.  SMENC sponsors a number of workshops/clinics each year on a variety of music education topics and provides service to the music department.  Meetings are monthly and national and local dues are required for full membership.  Membership is open to anyone interested in music.  Music Education majors are strongly encouraged to join and are required to join in their Senior year.

Faculty/Staff Advisor:
Lewis Hall
(304) 457-6297

The Art Guild

The purpose of The Art Guild (TAG) is to support, encourage and broaden the visual art community at Alderson Broaddus University.  TAG is involved with the organization and execution of visual art related activities on campus, raising funds for the organization, and administration and maintenance of the Withers-Brandon Basement Gallery.  Prospective members of TAG must be a member of the “Alderson Broaddus University family,” which includes students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the college.

Faculty/Staff Advisor:
Grant Johnson
(304) 457-6273

The Battler Yearbook

The Battler is the college yearbook designed to present a year’s activities of sports, social life, special events, faculty and classes. It is the story of the year at AB University a book of memories, laughter and friends.Staff positions are available to any interested student.

Faculty/Staff Advisor:
Greg Mundy
(304) 457-6217

Zeta Alpha Gamma

The purpose of Zeta Alpha Gamma shall be to promote scientific interest among the members of this organization and the students or Alderson Broaddus University.

Faculty/Staff Advisor:
John Enz
(304) 457-6245