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ALDERSON BROADDUS UNIVERSITY is proud to offer RoomSync as our preferred roommate matching software to help you in finding your roommate.

By using a passcode-protected Facebook app, ALDERSON BROADDUS UNIVERSITY works closely with RoomSync to provide our residents with the unique opportunity to interact with other students while safely finding future roommates. Students can only use the RoomSync app after obtaining a special passcode from ALDERSON BROADDUS UNIVERSITY. We do not honor any roommate requests made through other services so we encourage students to make sure that they are only engaging with the RoomSync Facebook app.

In collaboration with RoomSync, ALDERSON BROADDUS UNIVERSITY aims to utilize social networking technology to empower roommate choice. By giving students the ability to select their roommates, we strive to provide a happier and more gratifying campus living experience.

If you have questions about how to use the RoomSync app, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at (304) 457-6213 or at or visit the RoomSync Support page.