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Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Student Affairs has created a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in order to help prepare you for the housing selection process for Fall 2013 – Spring 2014 that will begin in March. Please take the time to review this information carefully in order to help ensure that you get the best housing option available to you. As always, feel free to contact the Office of Student Affairs if you have any additional questions or concerns at (304) 457-6213.

Will the new residence halls be ready for Fall 2013?
Yes! Alderson Broaddus University is so thrilled that four (yes that’s 4 folks!) new residence hall facilities will be available to students THIS COMING FALL!! One hall will be near the new multi-sport stadium and has been dubbed Battler Hall. The other three halls will be located on the north side of campus near the main entrance to the College and those have been dubbed Blue Hall, Gold Hall, and University Hall. There are schematic drawings for the new facilities in the Office of Student Affairs—feel free to come and check them out!

IMPORTANT NOTE: while all halls will be completed in the fall, it may be that Gold and University Halls will not be completed by the start of classes. Therefore, Battler and Blue Halls will be filled first before Gold and University Halls are opened for selection. If students select Gold and University Halls and they are not ready at the start of classes, the College will provide temporary housing and offer a discounted rate for the temporary inconvenience. It is highly unlikely that any hall will not be available for occupancy by the middle of October 2013.

What will the lay-outs be for the new halls?

Battler and University Halls are suite-style halls with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom per suite.  Rooms in Battler and University Halls will be double rooms, so there will be a total of 4 persons per suite.

Blue and Gold Halls are apartment-style halls with full kitchens and common areas. Blue and Gold Halls have 4 bedrooms per apartment and 2 bathrooms and the bedrooms are designed to be singles.*

Are there price differences for the various residence halls? Yes, all of the halls at the College are priced according to the newness of the facilities and what the facilities offer. The Business Office has a complete breakdown of hall pricing (attached).

Will Erickson be an option for Fall 2013?

No, Erickson will no longer be a housing option after the conclusion of the Spring 2013 semester. (Note: it may be used for temporary housing if necessary.)

Will certain residence halls be restricted to certain classes?

Yes, Benedum and Priestley Halls will be restricted to first-year students.

Are any of the residence halls considered to be “off-campus”?

No, all rooms in all halls will be considered “on-campus” and subject to the same fees and policies, including the requirement of a meal plan.

Will there be single rooms available on campus?

As always, single rooms continue to be advertised as “based on availability.” However, as noted earlier, we are thrilled that two of the new residence halls (Blue and Gold Halls*) have been designed for single room occupancy. Once these halls fill up, a waiting list for singles will be created based on seniority (according to evaluated credit hours completed at the end of Fall 2012) and should singles become available, those on the waiting list will be notified accordingly. The only exception to this rule is for Residence Life staff members—who require single rooms for confidentiality reasons—and extreme medical cases that are documented and reviewed.

How do I figure out how many credit hours I have so I know when I’m eligible to make my housing selection?

You can get this information online through your “Web Advisor” account. To access “Web Advisor,” go to the Angel web page located at and log in. Click on the “Web Advisor” tab located along the top menu—3rd from the left. (You will need to re-enter your user name and password again.) Click on the student tab, select “Transcript” under “Academic Profile,” and then select your student classification (undergraduate vs. graduate student). Your total number of earned credits will appear at the bottom of the page.  Additionally, a listing of returning students and when they are eligible to make housing selections will be posted in the campus center near the post office, but please note that this list will include student ID numbers only (not personal names), so you’ll need to know your student ID number. (You can get your student ID number through Web Advisor as well, following the instructions above. Your student ID number will appear next to your name on the Transcript page and also under “My Profile.”)

What if I won't be on campus during my scheduled time?

You have a few options:
1) You can come to same room sign ups March 5 - March 9 (you will need to secure a roommate and choose either your own room or the room of your future roommate);

2) and/or come in to the Office of Student Affairs during any of the designated selection times on the publicized calendar after your designated time slot has passed.  Please note: if you are planning to be on a school-sanctioned trip during your scheduled time, and if you provide advance notice to the Office of Student Affairs, you can do the two items above, as well as submit an off-campus application prior to leaving for your trip, with the understanding that it will not be officially "accepted" until your designated time slot as those applications will be evaluated based on both credit hours achieve and on the order in which they are received.
When are off-campus housing applications accepted and due?
Begin accepting them March 1. Deadline is April 15.

If you have a question that we missed, let us know!
* Some of these rooms may need to be doubles temporarily at the beginning of the year if any of the new facilities are not completed at the start of classes. Again, it is highly unlikely that this would go beyond the middle of October 2013 and students in this situation would receive discounted rates for their temporary inconvenience.