ABU Intramurals

Thank you for checking out the website for AB Intramurals.  We have been busy over the past year and a half, changing the program, incorporating more activities, and having a fun time playing.

We will attempt to update this website on a monthly basis but if you want daily or weekly information and pictures, check us out on social media.


Twitter: @ABIntramurals

Instagram: abintramurals


The mission of the Alderson Broaddus University Intramural Program is to provide recreational and other inclusive athletic activities to the campus community. Good sportsmanship is expected from every participant in every contest provided by the program. Individuals and teams participating should comply with the “spirit of recreational play” as well as the governing rules for the competitive events. The Intramural Programs staff will make decisions whether to warn, penalize, or eject person, teams, or spectators who display poor sportsmanship. The “spirit of recreational play” is aimed at providing opportunities for all participants to enjoy in the active environment which provides fitness, character development, and a sense of social community. Competition is based on cooperation. A level of high integrity is expected from all participants, staff, spectators, and volunteers. All of these respective persons are indebted to each other in the environment and are encouraged to promote health and safety of every person involved in the Intramural Programs.

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