Current Students

Financial Aid and YoU

Alderson Broaddus University realizes each student’s financial situation and resources are unique.  We make every effort to help students afford a college education, in fact, 99% of our students receive financial aid.

Financial Aid helps fill the gap between the costs of attending college and the amount the students and their families can afford to pay.  These funds may be comprised of grants and scholarships, work opportunities and low-interest student loans.



FAO Mission Statement

The Financial Aid Office at Alderson Broaddus University is comprised of a team of dedicated professionals committed to providing a superior level of service in assisting students reach their educational goals by eliminating or reducing their financial burden. While providing students with as many financial aid opportunities as possible, this office fulfills its fiduciary obligation to be good stewards of federal, state, private and institutional funds


FAO Vision Statement

To prepare Alderson Broaddus University students to become responsible, participating citizens and leaders by reaching their fullest potential.