“Life consists not in holding good cards, but in playing those you hold well.”
– Josh Billings

Services for Students with Disabilities

ACES supports students with disabilities, and coordinates provision of accommodations between students and faculty members.   Please contact Amy Hopkins Mason for assistance at:  masonar@ab.edu or  (304) 457-6274.

General Learning Skills Development

ACES assists students in developing or enhancing the general learning skills necessary to be successful in College.  Services are provided individually and in groups, and can be targeted to students’ specific needs.  Current learning skills development assistance includes, but it not limited to:

  • Test Taking Strategies
  • Managing Test Anxiety
  • Note-taking (including active listening strategies and textbook usage)
  • Time Management
  • Effective Study Techniques
  • Memory Enhancement
  • Learning Styles and Processes

As our website is developed, general information on each topic will be included for students to view on demand.

Subject Matter Tutoring

ACES offers subject matter tutoring using a “Peer-to-Peer” tutoring model. Math tutoring and writing skill tutoring are offered via departmental labs.

Tutors are recommended by faculty and employed to work 1-on-1 and in small groups within specific subject areas, for students who require concentrated, on-going assistance.  Tutors are students who have completed a specific course with a high level of mastery.

Study Group Moderators are recommended by faculty and employed to guide study for students who commit to a weekly congregate study session.  Study Group Moderators are students who are currently taking a specific course and are performing at high levels.

Test Review Leaders are Tutors or Teaching Assistants who guide study specifically for an upcoming test. These sessions are open to students who are currently tutor-assisted as well as for those who do not require on-going assistance.

Alternative Study Space

ACES Lab is available to students who are studying individually as well as to those who prefer congregate study options.  With 5 computer terminals, both individual and group tables, a separate small group study area, and a distraction-reduced study room, ACES Lab serves a variety of student study needs.

ACES Lab is also available for athlete study hour requirements, including offering certification of hours for coaches.

Office Location and Hours

ACES is located on the lower floor of the library.  (Students with mobility issues, who would like to visit ACES or the library, can avoid stairs by entering the ACES Lab via the ramp on the side of the building, and then taking the elevator up to the main library floor.)

ACES Lab Hours

Monday – Thursday:  9 AM – 9 PM
Friday: 9 AM – 4 PM
Saturday: 1 PM – 5 PM (Starting AFTER midterm)
Sunday: 4 PM – 8 PM

ACES Office Hours

Monday – Thursday:  9 AM – 6 PM
Friday: 9 AM – 4 PM

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