Required Courses:

 Course #  Credit Hours Course Name
____BUSI1111Professionalism & Business Leadership
____ PSYC3103Introduction to Sport Psychology
____SPMT1013Introduction to Sport Management
____SPMT1303Budget and Finance of Sport Management
____SPMT1503Technology in Sport
____SPMT2153Social Media & Public Relations in Sport
____SPMT2403Sport Facility and Event Management
____SPMT2603Sport Marketing
____SPMT3053Sport Law and Ethics
____SPMT4103Seminar of Current Issues in Sport Management
____SPMT4856Sport Management Internship
Required: 3 of the following 4 courses
____SPMT3153NCAA Compliance
____SPMT3203Organizational Behavior in Sport
____SPMT3553Leadership in Sport
____SPMT4003Program Planning in Recreational Sport
PLUS requirements of any of the following minors :
____Business Administration
____Entrepreneurial Studies
____Requirements of a Business Major

Foreign Language: Not required

Liberal Studies Program: As outlined on appropriate Liberal Studies check sheet.

Among requirements for graduation, the student must have a grade point average of 2.00 or higher in the major and have 120 college level credit hours.

Alderson Broaddus University offers the interdisciplinary Sport Management degree, an exciting program that will benefit students who have an interest in the ever-growing business of sport. The program includes courses in sports law, management, marketing, finance and prepares students for a position in professional and intercollegiate athletics and the industries that serve them.

Program Objectives:

The BA degree with a concentration in sport management enables students to:

  • Understand the depth and unique character of the sport and recreation industry.
  • Comprehend the priority of abilities for employment and career advancement in the sport management industry.
  • Recognize the importance of characteristics such as initiative and persistence.
  • Build skills in the industry to design, implement and evaluate business strategies.
  • Communicate effectively and professionally within the field.
  • Develop leadership skills to effectively manage the field.

Students in the program earn a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Sport management concentration. Dynamic faculty align the curriculum which builds on such sports related management skills as:

  • Sports Marketing
  • Athletic Administration
  • Advertising
  • Facility Management
  • Business Strategies
  • Special Event Management
  • Legal issues
  • Leisure and Fitness
  • New Program Planning