Special Education

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Career opportunities and starting salaries are excellent for the special education teacher. At Alderson Broaddus University you can major in elementary education with special education as a teaching specialty. You can be certified to teach grades K-12 in mentally impaired and grades K-12 in specific learning disabilities and grades K-12 in multicatagorical special education.  Multicatagorical special education K-12 will prepare you to work with students who have specific learning disabilities, mental impairment and behavior disorders.  It is highly recommended that students interested in teaching students with disabilities pursue the multicatagorical special education track. 

As an elementary education major, you'll be prepared to teach all subjects in grades K-6. This combination, along with your special education emphasis area, will widen your job opportunities.

The undergraduate program in special education, along with the college's strong liberal arts core, provides an excellent foundation for graduate education.  Many of the courses in the Alderson Broaddus Special Education curriculum have met requirements that have waived in West Virginia University's graduate program.

Along with your foundation of courses designed to broaden your understanding of education, you'll encounter the current issues and new teaching strategies to be more competent with computers and technologies in your future classrooms.

In special education you will have both general courses designed to help you understand the needs of special learners, and advanced courses in each of the specific areas concentrating on characteristics of these learners, assessment and treatment and methods in special education.

Most of your courses will include practical lab experiences to help you begin to apply your classroom learning. You will student teach in a regular elementary classroom as well as in your chosen area of special education. Local settings for observation and practice teaching include classrooms for mildly mentally impaired, specific learning disabled and behavior disordered at the elementary, middle and secondary level.  You will also have opportunities to participate in Special Olympics and the Council for Exceptional Children.

Alderson Broaddus has been in the business of preparing effective teachers for more than 100 years. Because academic excellence and concern for individuals have always been most important to the institution, teachers who have graduated from AB have tended to possess more of these qualities than graduates of other schools. At Alderson Broaddus you'll be challenged and strengthen for an outstanding teaching career.

Checksheet (Multicategorical Special Education 5-Adult)