Preparing for a Career in Psychology

Graduates with a degree in psychology from Alderson Broaddus University are well prepared for graduate training in psychology or for entry level positions in social service fields. A degree in psychology will prepare you for pursuing a career as a psychologist with additional graduate training or a wide variety of social service positions in areas such as mental health, corrections, probation and parole, family services, welfare or child protective services.
Personal and individual attention from experienced and caring faculty with excellent academic backgrounds and experience in the field of professional psychology are committed to creating a high quality learning experience for the psychology student. Small class size allow faculty to create a supportive environment for learning, growing and maturing. Faculty at AB take the time to get to know students on an individual basis. Students come to know the faculty as teachers, mentors, advisors and friends.

Program of Study

The psychology major is one of the traditional liberal studies majors within liberal arts colleges. Combined with the strong liberal studies curriculum at AB, the psychology major is well suited for allowing students to discover their own interests and talents. Coursework within the major provides a basic foundation of knowledge, develops conceptual and analytic skills, encourages independent thinking and analysis of human systems and behavior, and emphasizes research experience through a sequence of courses supporting a senior research project.

The psychology program at Alderson Broaddus University is a demanding major. The coursework is designed to acquaint each student with in-depth basic knowledge of the discipline, it’s theoretical and methodical history and current practices, an extensive understanding of research and statistics, and experience in filed placements. Each student is required to conduct and present a senior research project through a sequence of data analysis, research methods, and capstone courses.

Field Experience

Students are encouraged to obtain experience working in field placements as part of their programs of study. Many counseling or clinical graduate programs in psychology use students’ experience in field placements as criteria for selection or view them as indicators of students’ suitability and commitment to the profession. From our point of view, filed placements are an important means to integrate information and activity in the classroom, and to bring relevance to a student’s program of study and understanding of the practical aspects of the profession. Students can begin to develop a specialty by working with specific populations and certain social service systems.

Opportunities for Graduates

The objective of the psychology program is to prepare students to successfully enter and complete graduate school or to work in the social service field as bachelors level service providers. Most graduates aspire to enter graduate programs in clinical or counseling psychology and to become licensed professional psychologists. However, teaching and research at the college level and higher education administration are attractive options. Employment opportunities exist in mental health agencies, correctional facilities, psychiatric hospitals, juvenile facilities, and community programs as mental health case-managers, correctional counselors, psychiatric/psychology assistants, parole/probation officers and children’s case-managers.

High Quality Academics

The psychology faculty offer high quality classroom instruction integrated with research projects, practical demonstration and field experience. Small class size, emphasis on discussion and seminar format, use of computer technology, and access to electronic media and internet resources, provide students and outstanding educational experience. Students receive an in-depth exposure to basic information of the field, are encouraged to conduct critical examination of both historical and contemporary social and psychological issues, to acquire the methods and techniques of analysis, and to relate theory to practical application.

Global Experience

An exceptional opportunity for students at AB University is the chance to become a global student and citizen. AB operates its own study abroad program based in Salzburg, Austria. Students can study and travel in Europe under the direction of an AB faculty leader at the Salzburg campus of the college. Students are exposed to the social problems and issues in Europe and can choose to study the social service system of a variety of European countries.

Required Courses:

 Course #Credit HoursCourse Name
_____PSYC 1903General Psychology *
_____PSYC 2203Human Development
_____PSYC 2603Statistics and Data Analysis*
_____PSYC 3013Principles of Learning
_____PSYC 3103History and Systems of Psychology
_____PSYC 3603Research Methods
_____PSYC 4203Abnormal Psychology
_____PSYC 5503Seminar in Psychology
Plus 12 hours of credit from the following options, so that a minimum of 36 credit hours in Psychology are completed
_____PSYC 2303Human Adjustment
_____PSYC 3033Physiological Psychology
_____PSYC 3153Introduction to Sports Psychology
_____PSYC 3953Death and Dying
_____PSYC 4003Social Psychology
_____PSYC 4303Counseling Theories and Skills
_____PSYC 5003Field Practicum
_____PSYC 560/6003Guided and Independent Study
Plus four courses in two allied fields (two courses in each field) to be chosen from offerings in:
_____Political Science*

Foreign Language: Three semesters of one modern foreign language are required. (See policy on placement in courses)

Liberal Studies Program: As outlined on appropriate Liberal Studies Check Sheet

* Indicates courses that also meet Liberal Studies requirements

Among requirements for graduation, the student must have a 2.00 average in the major and must pass a comprehensive examination, planned and administered by division or department.

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