Required Courses:

 Course #Credit HoursCourse Name
Content Specialty:
_____BIOL 1104Introduction to Biology*
_____BIOL 1113Human Biology
_____HEED 2503Personal Health
_____PHED 2003Philosophy & Orientation in PHED
_____PHED 2202Elementary Physical Education
_____PHED 2533Teaching Physical Education Content in the Areas of Team & Individual Sports
_____PHED 2811Square & Folk Dancing
_____PHED 3103Physiology of Exercise for Physical Education
_____PHED 3203Kinesiology for the Physical Educator
_____PHED 3253Adaptive Physical Education
_____PHED 3352Safety & First Aid
_____PHED 3501Assisting in Physical Education
_____PHED 3603Psych & Soc Principles of Physical Education
_____PHED 4003Organization, Administration, & Evaluation
_____PHED 4203Tests & Measures in PHED
Professional Education:
_____EDUC 1903Introduction to Computer and Technology Applications for Teachers*
_____EDUC 2203Foundations of Education in a Multi-Cultural Society
_____EDUC 2603Psychological Foundations & Development in Early Childhood through Adolescence*
_____EDUC 3131PHED Methods - PreK-Elementary Learners
_____EDUC 3201Middle Schools: Designs & Issues
_____EDUC 3291Lab - Middle Childhood (5-9) Learners
_____EDUC 3332PHED Methods - Grade 5-Adult
_____EDUC 3883Methods, Assessment, & Management for K-12 Teacher
_____READ 3003Reading for Secondary Schools
_____SPED 2003Areas of Exceptionality in SPED
_____SPED 3403Creating Inclusive Classrooms: Strategies of Classroom Teachers
_____EDUC 50012Student Teaching
_____EDUC 5501Seminar in the Philosophy of Teaching
Continued Specialty Requirements
One course from the following list:
_____PHED 2111Intermediate Swimming
_____PHED 2121Advanced Swimming
_____PHED 3713Lifeguard Training

All teacher Education majors should use ENGL-200 to fulfill Goal I.A., Section 2.

* Indicates course that also meets Liberal Studies requirements.

Preparing for Teaching, Coaching, Fitness and Sports Related Careers 

Graduates with a degree in education from Alderson Broaddus University find themselves well prepared for PreK-Adult educational settings. We encourage our students to choose a primary certification area and then broaden their background to include an additional endorsement.

If physical fitness and athletic competition have been among your most satisfying experiences, you’ll appreciate the many opportunities for active involvement in the quality physical education program at Alderson Broaddus University.

Hands-On Experience

As a physical education major at AB you’ll be able to apply your classroom theories as you play, officiate or organize events in the intramural program. You may be one of the students selected to serve as assistant to head coaches in AB’s intercollegiate programs in men’s soccer, baseball, men’s and women’s basketball, cross-country and women’s volleyball and softball.

You’ll enjoy studying and working-out in Memorial Coliseum, which provides space and equipment for a complete health and physical education program, as well as for many types of recreation. Coliseum features include a swimming pool, weight room, handball court, auxiliary gymnasium, archery range and batting cage.

Other experiences valuable to your career in health or physical education will be opportunities to work at a health or fitness center, to participate as a staff member at summer athletic camps, to assist professors in activity classes and to interview and observe current teachers in the field.

At AB you’ll work in a vigorous program with excellent faculty, and you’ll have the opportunity to expand your future opportunities with double majors or with elective minors such as business, computer science, recreational leadership, aging studies, speech communications or health administration, strength and conditioning, and athletic coaching.


AB’s education program prepares students for certification in physical education PreK-Adult. Teaching opportunities are excellent with a strong emphasis on health and physical education in the public schools.

Excellent Opportunities

You will have many opportunities for involvement in experiences that will help you develop as a well rounded teacher and that will make you very attractive to future employers. You can participate in: Student Education Association; C.A.R.E., an after-school tutoring program; annual Education Day; Special Olympics; State professional association meetings; and area professional organizations with student chapters on campus.

Interesting Career Options

With rising interest in wellness and recreation, you’ll have a variety of career options, either immediate or with experience and/or additional study, such as athletic training; sports information, sports journalism or broadcasting; directing fitness, wellness or recreation programs in corporate or agency settings; management and sales careers related to sports and fitness equipment and others.