Required Courses:

 Course #Credit HoursCourse Name
_____CSCI 1104Introduction to Computer Science*
_____CSCI 1204Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
_____MATH 1663Discrete Math I*
_____MATH 1673Discrete Math II
_____MATH 2314Calculus I
_____MATH 2324Calculus II
_____MATH 2513Statistics
_____MATH 3103Modern Algebra
_____MATH 3153Linear Algebra
_____MATH 3334Advanced Calculus
_____MATH 3513Probability Theory
_____MATH 3713Principles of Geometry
_____MATH 4413Differential Equations
_____PHYS 2214General Physics I*
_____MATH 4503Math/CS Capstone Course
Plus six hours selected from:
_____CSCI 3153Theory of Computation
_____CSCI 3303Data Structures and Algorithms
_____CSCI 4103Programming Languages and Compiler Theory
_____CSCI 4203Computer Graphics
_____CSCI 4504Artificial Intelligence
_____ENVS 36564Introduction to GIS
_____ENVS 4054Applied Remote Sensing
_____ENVS 4654Advanced GIS
_____MATH 3713Principles of Geometry
_____MATH 6002-4Undergraduate Research
_____PHYS 2224General Physics II

Foreign language: Not required.

Liberal Studies Program: As outlined on appropriate Liberal Studies Check Sheet

* Indicates courses that also meet Liberal Studies requirements

Among requirements for graduation, the student must have a 2.00 average in the major and must successfully complete a research project.

The Mathematics major at Alderson Broaddus University prepares students to put their mathematical ability to work on real-world problems.  Unlike the theoretical mathematics emphasized in many colleges, applied math skills will have immediate employment advantages. Studying the intimate relationship between mathematics and computers is also a significant component of this major.

Careers in Mathematics 

Career options are almost unlimited for the mathematician. Because new opportunities for mathematicians are developing in almost all business and professional areas, mathematical skills will be in demand.  Mathematician employment opportunities include consultant to industry, government analysts, operations, research analyst, computer programmer, computer analyst, teacher, statistician, actuary, quality control and the space industry.

For more information about careers for math majors visit the American Mathematical Society, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and

Personal and Individual Attention from Experience and Caring Faculty 

Among the excellent faculty and students of the College of Science, Technology and Mathematics, students will have many opportunities for distinction. Students will have relatively small classes, focused attention and guidance from their professors and opportunities for advanced research responsibilities, which are important features not standard at larger universities.

Opportunities for Involvement 

Students have advantages and opportunities within AB’s campus community to develop interpersonal communication and organizational skills, and to become more confident about meeting and directing people. Experiences in social and service groups, in student government, student publications, or in musical and theatrical presentations can contribute to a student’s personal and professional growth. The College of Science, Technology and Mathematics has opportunities for involvement through the Outdoor Club, ZAG (Zetta Alpha Gamma) Science Club, as well as luncheons and picnics.

Program of Study 

In addition to exposure to the underlying nature of mathematics, the course of study focuses on the concepts and techniques necessary for solution to real-world problems. Given a physical problem, students learn to break it down to its basic components, write a mathematical model of the situation, solve the model, and translate that solution back into the physical world. Courses include discrete mathematics, modeling, physics and statistics.

Integrated Program

Because of the close relationship between Mathematics and Computer Science we have a highly integrated program. It is possible to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in both Mathematics and Computer Science in four years.