Required Courses:

 Course #Credit HoursCourse Name
_____BUSI 1203Introduction to Marketing
_____COMM 1553Introduction to Mass Communication
_____COMM 1753Media Writing
_____COMM 1903Media & Society
_____COMM 2513Advertising
_____COMM 2714Video Production I
_____COMM 3503Social Media
_____COMM 3553Mass Communication Law & Ethics
_____COMM 4501Senior Mass Communication Portfolio
_____COMM 5003Internship
_____HUMN 5503Seminar in the Humanities
Plus 17 Semester hours from one of the following concentrations
General Concentration
_____BUSI 3453Marketing Research
_____COMM 3704Video Production II
_____JOUR 2003Introduction to Journalism
_____MDIA 2113Film Genres*
Plus four semester hours from the following:
_____COMM 2201Media Practicum**
_____JOUR 1601Journalism Practicum (on Battler Columns staff)
_____JOUR 1651Advanced Journalism Practicum** (on Battler Columns staff)
Digital Media Concentration
_____COMM 2201Media Practicum
_____MDIA 1353Digital Photography
_____MDIA 1803Digital Design
_____MDIA 2553Web Design
_____MDIA 3704Advanced Digital Applications
_____PSYC 3403Cyberpsychology

**May be repeated for credit

Foreign Language: Four semesters of one modern foreign language are required. (See policy on placement in courses)

Liberal Studies Program: As outlined on appropriate Liberal Studies Check Sheet. * Indicates courses that also meet Liberal Studies requirements.

*COMM 130 Introduction to Public Speaking is required to fulfill Liberal Studies goal 1-A.3

Among requirements for graduation, the student must have a 2.00 or above average in the major.

The Mass Communication program at AB has two concentrations: a general concentration and a digital media concentration. Both tracks require foundational courses in communication and media, writing, law and ethics, social media, and video production.

The focus of the general concentration provides students options to enter broadcasting, but also prepares students holistically to be communication officers in business – a growing field in today’s market.
The digital media concentration affords students with specific training in digital applications, and it includes courses in digital design, photography, and web design. Students may use their skills as graphic designers, web designers, or as communication officers in business and industry.

Additionally, AB’s Mass Communication students have achieved several accolades in state and regional competitions of the Public Relations Society of America and the Society for Professional Journalists.