International Nursing Program

Alderson Broaddus University is helping to curb the national nursing shortage by entering into a partnership with Arellano University, Manila, Philippines.  This collaborative effort will prepare students to be licensed as professional nurses in the United States and other underserved regions of the world.

On June 14, 2006, more than thirty freshmen at Arellano University enrolled in this international nursing partnership.  These Arellano students will complete the first three years of their work in Manila, with the opportunity to complete the last phase of their education on the AB campus.

Through this partnership, students enrolling in the international nursing program will be admitted to AU under AB’s admissions standards and will have to maintain AB’s academic standards in order to remain in the program.

Like AB, Arellano University has a rich history in nursing.  AU has the oldest and largest baccalaureate nursing program in the Philippines.  They compete with other well-prepared professional nurses to become globally employable in other cultures, cope with the fast pace of nursing practice, and are influenced by the changing needs of health care.