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InFlux is the student literary publication of Alderson Broaddus University.    Started during the 1990-1991 academic year by the members of the writing faculty at that time—Mrs. Carol Del Col, Dr. Jeffrey Del Col, Professor Barbara Smith, and Mrs. Mary Jane Hogue—the publication is intended to encourage creative writing among all members of the campus community and to provide a regular on-campus outlet for creative expression.  Students have been involved from the beginning in selecting and editing works and designing the format for the publication; and during the past several years, the publication has become almost entirely student-run, providing an excellent opportunity for students to develop practical skills in producing a publication.    

In 2001, a 1-credit practicum class, English 240, and a 3-credit internship, English 510, were added to the curriculum to allow students working with the publication to receive academic credit for their work.  

Over the years since its inception, the English 240 class has evolved to become a weekly forum for students to present and critique work that they hope to have published in InFlux.  English 240 is open to all students on campus.   Also in 2001, the InFlux staff began sponsoring an annual writing contest for current students, awarding many cash prizes over the years for poetry and fiction.  

InFlux is also on Facebook with its own group.  The faculty advisor and editors of InFlux hope this page will offer a way to keep in touch with contributors from the past and to encourage our alumni, students, and members of our faculty-staff to contribute work to the publication.   We also hope that students considering attending Alderson Broaddus will check out the group.  Prospective students may join the group by posting a request on the group page.

For more information, students may contact Mrs. Carol Del Col, Associate Professor of Literature and Writing, at