Required Courses:

 Course #Credit HoursCourse Name
_____CSCI 1104Intro to Computer Science*
_____CSCI 1204Intro to Object-Oriented Programming
_____CSCI 2103Fundamental Software Design
_____CSCI 2203Software Engineering
_____CSCI 2303Computer Organization & Architecture
_____CSCI 2403Web/Mobile App Development
_____CSCI 3153Theory of Computation
_____CSCI 3203Operating Systems
_____CSCI 3303Data Structures & Algorithms
_____CSCI 3403Database Management Systems
_____CSCI 3553Computer Networks
_____CSCI 4903Senior Design Seminar
_____CSCI 4912Senior Design
PLUS Computer Science Electives (Select 3 courses)
_____CSCI 4003Special Topics in Computer Science
_____CSCI 4103Programming Languages & Compiler Theory
_____CSCI 4203Computer Graphics
_____CSCI 4303Information Assurance & Security
_____CSCI 4403Distributed Computing
_____CSCI 4503Artificial Intelligence
Mathematics (Required)
_____MATH 1663Discreet Math I*
_____MATH 1673Discreet Math II*
_____MATH 2314Calculus I
_____MATH 2513Statistics

Foreign language: Not required.

Liberal Studies Program: As outlined on appropriate Liberal Studies Check Sheet.

* Indicates courses that also meet Liberal Studies requirements.

Among requirements for graduation, the student must have a Grade Point Average of 2.0 or higher on the courses credited on this check sheet

The Computer Science major at Alderson Broaddus University has a modern curriculum that undergoes regular fine tuning to keep up with current trends. All Computer Science majors are expected to complete a select group of core classes, but the electives are designed to let the students tailor their education to meet their specific career goals, with the help a faculty advisor. Potential areas of interest include the standards of computer science, information technology and software engineering, but other areas of interest include Security, Web and Mobile application development, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and others. We also offer the possibility of dual majors, especially with Mathematics, Biology and Environmental Science. An additional Minor in GIS is also offered to provide students the skills to enter one of the fastest growing job markets in the country in spatial analysis.

Employment Opportunities

Computer Science-related fields are among the fastest growing and students will have opportunities to work in many diverse industries. Alderson Broaddus University has a high placement and success rate for our graduates. Employers appreciate the valuable combination of Computer Science and liberal arts knowledge that Alderson Broaddus graduates possess.

Personal and Individual Attention From Experienced and Caring Faculty

In your study among the excellent faculty and students of the College of Science, Technology and Mathematics, you will have many opportunities for distinction. You will have relatively small classes, more focused attention and guidance from your professors and opportunities for advanced research responsibilities, which are important features not standard at larger schools. Your AB professors will know you by name and be able to spend quality instruction time with you in individual settings.

Opportunities for Involvement

You will have advantages and opportunities within AB’s campus community to develop inter-personal communication and organizational skills, and to become more confident about meeting and directing people. Experiences in social and service groups, in student government, student publications, or in musical and theatrical presentations can contribute to your personal and professional growth. The College of Science, Technology and Mathematics has opportunities for involvement through the Outdoor Club, ZAG (Zeta Alpha Gamma) Science Club, as well as luncheons and picnics.

Special Features of the Program

In addition to introductory courses in computer science, students are given a wide selection of topics to choose from. The program of study is flexible and can be tailored to specific needs. Students also have the opportunity of earning internship credit, or they can engage in independent research. Courses include architecture and assembler, data base management, communications, operating systems, software engineering, data structures and algorithms, networking and computer graphics. AB’s computer labs provide access for every student to the latest industry standard technologies. Through partnerships with industry leaders, including Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft, students gain access to and knowledge of the latest trends in Computing and Information Technology.