Mass Communication

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The major in Mass Communications, in the Humanities Division at Alderson Broaddus University, allows students to get a general and rich experience in the field. All students in the major are required to take a core of courses. The core includes theoretical and applied/experiential courses in the areas of speech, interpersonal, small group and mass media that give students solid skills to get jobs in one of the many career opportunities that the field offers.

Students work closely with faculty to support the core courses with some personalized design. To this, Communications students are strongly encouraged to take a minor(s), along with elective courses in other departments at the university. Recommended minors for students in the major are Public Relations, Video & Radio and Journalism, though students minor in other areas.

Extra-curricular activities housed in the Department of Communications include a radio station (WQAB, 91.3 FM) and an American Scholastic Press Association award-winning newspaper, The Battler Columns. Students in Communications also often involve themselves in the literary magazine, Influx, the AB Mission Team, music ensembles and athletics.

Communications graduates take their Bachelor of Arts degrees and get jobs at PR firms, newspapers, non-profit groups and radios stations among other organizations. Many have gone onto graduate schools as well. Most that have gone onto graduate schools have chosen further study in Communications, but some have gone on to study Educational Leadership or Journalism.

For more information about the Communications major, contact Professor Barbara Sims, Associate Professor of Communications/Director of Forensics, Ph. 304.457.6222 or Dr. Jim Wilkie, Professor of Communications, Ph. 304.457.6271.