Required Courses:

 Course #Credit HoursCourse Name
_____BUSI 1203Introduction to Marketing
_____BUSI 1403Introductory Accounting I
_____BUSI 1503Introductory to Accounting II
_____BUSI 1603Introduction to Management
_____BUSI 2503Business Ethics
_____BUSI 2813Business Law I
_____BUSI 2853Business Law II
_____BUSI 2903International Business
_____BUSI 3203Business Finance
_____BUSI 5503Strategic Management/Business Policy
_____ECON 2013Macro Economics*
_____ECON 2113Micro Economics
_____PSYC 2603Statistics and Data Analysis*
Plus the following courses:
_____BUSI 2353Human Resource Management
_____BUSI 3003Cost Accounting
_____BUSI 3453Marketing Research
_____ECON 2803Money and Banking
Plus one of the following courses:
_____BUSI 2753Operations Management
_____BUSI 3553Management Science

* Indicates courses that also meet Liberal Studies requirements.

Plus one course: Chosen from any business or economic course offering (cannot be double-counted toward another business major).

Foreign language/Foreign Studies: It is recommended that students take one semester of International Studies to fulfill this requirement. Otherwise two semesters of a foreign language (refer to foreign language placement requirements) or an independent foreign studies project is required.

Liberal Studies Program: As outlined on appropriate Liberal Studies Check Sheet.

Among requirements for graduation, the student must have a grade point average of 2.00 in the major, have 120 credit hours, and must pass a comprehensive examination, planned and administered by the major division or department.

Graduates with a degree in business administration from Alderson Broaddus University find themselves well-prepared for a variety of positions in all types and sizes of organizations from for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. The program is ideal if you are interested in management, international business or operations. The business administration major is also a good foundation for later specialization in graduate schools of business or other fields such as law.

 Be Equipped for Success in a Changing World of Business

The business administration major includes a concentration in international business courses. These courses, combined with the liberal arts curriculum at Alderson Broaddus, provide an excellent foundation for the practice of business in a rapidly changing world. Your specialized studies will prepare you for business today, and your broad base of liberal arts courses will help you develop as the well-educated business person who can continue to learn, and to advance in the future. Students also have the opportunity to further develop their knowledge of other cultures through the international studies program at AB, which offers a full semester in Europe and shorter sessions in other parts of the world.

Discover Your Interests & Abilities

The business administration major is an excellent program if you want to major in business but are not certain which type of job is the best for you. You will begin by taking basic business courses in the first few semesters. These introductory courses, along with counseling from your experienced and helpful faculty, will help you discover how your interests and abilities can best fit into the business world.

Personal & Individual Attention From Experienced and Caring Faculty

Faculty with excellent academic backgrounds and business experience are committed to creating a high quality learning experience for business students. Because of the small class size, faculty know and care about students as individuals, and create a supportive environment for learning. At AB, you will come to know the faculty as teachers, mentors, advisors and friends. Helping you achieve your best is their goal.

Opportunities for Involvement and Personal Distinction 

You will have many opportunities for involvement in organizations that will help you develop leadership skills and make you more attractive to future employers after graduation. Phi Beta Lambda, the local chapter of a national organization for business students, gives you the opportunity to enhance leadership and team member skills, provide services to the community, and develop friendships that will last a lifetime. S.I.F.E. (Students in Free Enterprise) is a national student organization which teaches others an understanding of how market economics and business operate. This organization is a partnership between higher education and business and enables the student to build connections with such companies as: Wal-Mart; DEL Labs; Hallmark; Kraft; Arthur Andersen; AT&T; Sears; Black & Decker; G.E., and Coca-Cola. Partners in Excellence is a business advisory program through which business students have the opportunity to interact with a variety of business leaders. Such networking often leads to important job connections after graduation.

Gain Valuable Internship Experience 

Business internships provide opportunities for you to gain “hands-on” experience in a real business setting. Internship opportunities are available in a variety of business fields including accounting, economic development, human resources management, marketing, management information systems and small business management.

High Quality Academics

From lively classroom discussions to working with state-of-the-art computer equipment and software, our academic program emphasizes quality instruction and learning.  A campus-wide computer network provides one station for every seven students, giving you communication access across the campus or across the globe via e-mail and the internet. You will also gain practical experience using multimedia presentation technology that businesses use today, and learn the most current business computer software.