Team volunteered with New Vision Renewable Energy

PHILIPPI, W.Va. – While the rest of their peers were spending spring break in warmer climates or visiting family, the Alderson Broaddus University Women’s Lacrosse team volunteered Thursday morning to help New Vision Renewable Energy build solar lights for villages in Haiti.

From 9:30 a.m. to noon, before their mid-day practice, the female student-athletes helped build 800 panels. Even though building the massive amount of solar lights will take a few more volunteer hours, the women’s lacrosse program aided New Vision in achieving their goals.

“It felt like I was giving back,” said junior lacrosse student-athlete Aurora Winwood. “Most kids go to the beach for spring break; it’s nice to stay humble.
Even though we are on spring break we can still help people.”

New Vision Renewable Energy’s mission is to help some of the 1.2 billion people in the world living without the luxury of electricity. Many families light their tiny huts with kerosene lanterns which produce harmful fumes that help destroy the respiratory systems leading to early deaths. Many families’ income is less than a dollar a day, making it difficult to even purchase kerosene and other much needed items such as food.

Also, due to lack of lighting, many school children cannot efficiently study because they can’t see to complete their assignments after the sun sets. This eventually affects their future and can determine how successful they are in life.

As a non-profit organization, New Vision Renewable Energy, located in Philippi, works locally and globally with faith-based and community organizations to get renewable products into the hands of their members and partners at a rate that is affordable. They also provide the training these individuals need to produce their own renewable energy systems.

Erin Gallagher, a freshman on the team, says she learned a lot from Thursday’s experience.

“I never knew that 1.2 billion people go to bed in the dark,” said Gallagher. “Even if I just help one person, I feel like I had some type of impact.”

The Women’s Lacrosse team takes on Nyack College on Friday, March 13th at 4 P.M. The team would like to give a special thank you to the Nyack Women’s Lacrosse student-athletes who volunteered in the Philippi community during their break as well.

The AB’s Women’s Lacrosse program encourages community members to support the team by attending their games. Admission is free.

For more information about AB Women’s Lacrosse, and to view this spring’s schedule, please visit: gobattlers.com.

To learn more about New Vision Renewable Energy and their efforts, visit: www.nvre.org.