Daywood Gallery

Daywood Gallery

Visual Arts students will find Alderson Broaddus an artist’s paradise. Breathtaking local scenery, well-equipped studios and a supportive faculty create a positive atmosphere for artistic investigation.

It is the mission of the Visual Arts faculty to help students develop skills and to encourage sophistication in thought. Each student develops his or her own visual language. The process meshes studio abilities with an understanding of the most important themes in art, both past and present. Students and faculty meet regularly in formal critiques and informal discussion groups to review their work and ideas.

Beginning Visual Arts classes are open to students in any major, but advanced classes are limited to Visual Arts majors and minors so that students have plenty of access to individualized instruction. It is not unusual for students to drop by a professor’s office for a chat or an impromptu critique.

Visual Arts majors have opportunities to explore drawing, painting, printmaking, photography and digital arts, as well as to specialize in a chosen area. Many of the materials for these classes are provided by the school at no additional cost.

A unique opportunity exists at Alderson Broaddus for students who are interested in gallery experience. Students may apply through the work study program to work as a Daywood Gallery assistant, gaining valuable skills in organizing exhibits for professional artists. Working with the gallery director and visiting artists, students can learn the aesthetic and technical skills required to publicize, install, strike and care for exhibits.

Daywood Gallery at Alderson Broaddus hosts about six exhibits each year. Visiting artists discuss their work in gallery talks and formal lectures. In addition, students have only a two-hour drive to important museums and galleries in Pittsburgh, PA.

The Visual Art Program also provides opportunities for resume-building through community engagement initiatives in Philippi and Clarksburg, WV. Student artwork is featured prominently on campus in numerous venues, and all students are given a solo exhibit in the Daywood Gallery before graduation.

For more information about the major or minor in Visual Arts, contact Professor Grant Johnson, Assistant Professor of Art, (304) 457-6273.

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