The mission of Alderson Broaddus University is to provide our students with the highest quality education, striving to prepare students to succeed in their chosen disciplines and to fulfill their roles in a diverse society as well-rounded and responsible citizens.

Alderson Broaddus University will

  • prepare graduates for success and service to humanity;
  • embody its Christian commitment by caring for each student in a learner-centered environment;
  • be renowned as a leader in health-related and professional higher education firmly rooted in the liberal arts;
  • and serve the people of Appalachia to enhance the quality of life and economic viability of the region.

High Academic Quality – The University values learning founded on high academic standards demonstrated by the open exchange of ideas, freedom and diversity of thought, and intellectual challenge and rigor.

The University sustains such high expectations of the members of its community through the continuous improvement of learning and teaching.

Service – The University values service as a lifelong commitment. It seeks to foster the development of such a commitment among its students, faculty, and staff by providing opportunities for them to engage in meaningful service to others.

Life of Learning – The University promotes a life of learning by encouraging and supporting inquiry, creativity, and application of learning in socially responsible ways.

Diversity – The University deeply values its Appalachian heritage and promotes respect and appreciation for every person and for the richness of a diverse, multi-cultural, and global society.

Personal Growth & Development – The University aims to advance the personal growth and development of all students by providing a caring environment that embraces the Christian values of moral integrity, service, trust, justice and compassion characterized by individualized attention to their academic, physical, spiritual, social, psychological, and aesthetic needs.

Alderson Broaddus University is an independent institution of higher learning, committed to serving the region as an academic, cultural, and religious resource, with programs based on a strong liberal arts foundation. The college is rooted in historic and continuing relationships with the West Virginia Baptist Convention and the American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A.

Student Learning Outcomes

Please click here to view Alderson Broaddus University’s strategic plan.

Church Relatedness Statement

As a faith-based learning community, Alderson Broaddus University affirms and proclaims that the source, reality, meaning, and purpose of human existence are shaped by the goodness, power, oneness, and faithfulness of the Sovereign God, disclosed and incarnate in the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and attested to by the biblical revelation given by the Holy Spirit through human witness. As a church-related institution of higher education, we fulfill our educational mission through dependence on, trust in, and responsive commitment to that Sovereign God.

We believe in the unity of God’s ultimate truth, and we value the integration of faith and reason in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding in all areas of life. We believe that every human being is created in the image of God and possesses the ability to learn and grow both spiritually and intellectually. Our goal, therefore, is to cultivate sound reasoning and critical thinking through a curriculum grounded in the liberal arts, including biblical studies, and to empower persons with the skills to better serve God and humanity.

Alderson Broaddus University seeks to provide a caring community, reflective of the diversity present in society and in the body of Christ, but united in mutual respect and understanding. We embrace Christian values, including moral integrity, service, trust, justice, and compassion, among others. Within a nurturing environment, we seek to support and empower all members of our community to explore and carry out these values.

Alderson Broaddus University affirms our commitment to our historical and continuing place within the Church of Jesus Christ, as it is embodied in the West Virginia Baptist Convention and American Baptist Churches/USA. Within this commitment, we support religious freedom and respect for various expressions of faith and celebrate the Church’s racial, cultural, and theological diversity. We value the interdependence and mutual accountability between churches and the University. We affirm our openness to being educated by the Church as well as our responsibility to educate and equip the Church to join us in responding to the biblical call to renewal and to the need for a vital witness in society. Through such a relationship, we are able to cooperatively fulfill our shared responsibilities for ministry and mission.

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